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Since the foundation of SJH Surveying Services, our mission has been to offer a service of the highest quality, continuously raising the industry’s standards but without forgetting that our clients are the most important thing.

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About SJH Surveying Services

RICS home buyers survey?

Since the foundation of SJH Surveying Services, our mission has been to offer a service of the highest quality, continuously raising the industry's standards but without forgetting that our clients are the most important thing. Over the years, we have remained the preferred choice regarding property surveys and valuations in and around Kidderminster. There is no better reward for us than the absolute satisfaction of the hundreds of clients who have trusted us and received unparalleled, top-notch service. Our business philosophy is based on respect, tolerance, and the search for work excellence, always through responsible practices that reflect the ethics and morals that support our business model. We are aware of the enormous responsibility of serving the client, which is why we put all our effort into meeting our client’s demands and providing the best-ranked property survey and valuation service in and around Kidderminster.
We use state-of-the-art inspection equipment, including high-quality surveying tools and high-resolution audio-visual equipment, to capture post-processed images and include
them in our extensive inspection reports. Our physical visit routine has been refined over the years to provide homeowners with a seamless, non-invasive experience.

Sarah Hempstock: RICS Certified Independent Surveyor

RICS home buyers survey?

Sarah Hempstock is a prominent RICS-certified independent surveyor qualified to provide high-quality surveying and valuation services throughout the UK. Her passion for customer service and surveying led her to found her own company and provide the best surveying service in and around Kidderminster. Sarah spent many years honing her surveying skills to provide unparalleled service within the UK surveying industry. As if this were not enough, Sarah is also an energy consulting expert, notable for her vast knowledge of sustainable energy, net-zero, and energy efficiency. Her incredible qualities led her to become one of the most respected personalities in both industries, a surveyor and energy consultant, being catalogued today as an expert in the field and a reliable leader within the industry.

Despite belonging to an industry historically dominated by men, Sarah Hempstock managed to make her way through sheer force of will and impeccable management of her
skills and knowledge to position herself as one of the best independent surveyors in the UK.

Thanks to the work of Sarah, and other wonderful female surveyors, paradigms have been broken, and today, women begin to have more important roles within the industry. Now more than ever, Sarah continues to work to raise quality standards within the industry and offer a revolutionary service that combines excellent customer service, unbeatable prices, and innovative practices that make surveys and valuations much easier. You can follow Sarah on her LinkedIn page, connect with her, and receive updates about her wor.

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At SJH Surveying Services, we are experts in all kinds of RICS surveys, residential valuations, help-to-buy valuations, and market valuations. Our extensive experience has positioned us as the surveying industry leaders in and
around Kidderminster. Our property survey service is based on the combination of state-of-the-art equipment, a keen sense of detail, extensive analysis and essential knowledge of the subject; this allows us to provide a superior quality service at an unparalleled price! We are the best option whether you need a residential valuation or an RICS home survey! Our prices are tailored to your needs and offer excellent value for money impossible to match by our competitors!

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