Level 2 Survey in Kidderminster

Ensure Safety with Level 2 Survey

Buying a new house for your family is once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people. They will do everything in their capacity to make the best decision possible to provide a safe haven for their families, and this decision has a tendency to challenge you both mentally and physically while you are on a house search.

However, certain measures can facilitate your home-buying process. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has developed a perfect survey named level 2 survey or homebuyers survey to help homebuyers verify the new building’s conditions and its structural integrity.

This survey includes:

  • A visual inspection to assess the overall the property condition.
  • A thorough visual inspection of all the elements of the building, including walls, ceiling, roof, doors and windows.
  • Inspection of all the services such as heating, water, drainage and electricity.
  • Assessment of insulation and damp proofing of the building.
  • Highlighting of any major faults and their implications.
  • Recommendations for any required action for the faults.
  • Background check of the building and investigation of any disputes or pending legal issues.

SJH Surveying Services: Your Trustworthy Companion

SJH Surveying Services has a mission to provide the highest quality level 2 homebuyers survey in Kidderminster. With vast experience and an unparalleled level of professionalism, our certified surveyors have earned the trust of hundreds of clients.

Our state-of-the-art surveying equipment and tools guarantee a smooth, safe, and efficient survey at highly competitive prices in the area. Contact us today if you want to buy a property and need level 2 house survey contractors in Kidderminster.

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As members of the RICS (Royal Institution of Surveyors) you can be assured that our survey and valuation service is both expert and professionlal.


Proudly working in association with the Residental property surveyors association, proving professional surveying services in Kidderminster and surrounding areas.

We Thoroughly Get It Inspected

Our surveyors will conduct a thorough inspection of the property before rating it. They will also provide a detailed report along with images and footage from different parts of the building. The rating system of an RICS level 2 survey is extremely simple to understand.

Rating 1 (Green):

This means that the property is in good condition and does not require any repair work. However, the building should be maintained on a regular basis.

Rating 2 (Amber):

The surveyor has detected some defects in the building during the investigation, which require reparation or replacement. However, they are of minor nature, do not affect the property value, and will not require emergency repairs.

Rating 3 (Red):

The surveyor has detected some serious defects that need to be repaired or replaced urgently. These defects can influence the property value if not addressed immediately.

NI (Not Inspected):

This is an additional category which means there are certain elements that could not be inspected due to inaccessibility or any other limitations in visual inspection.

Level 2 Survey in Kidderminster

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RICS level 2 homebuyers survey cost in Kidderminster varies between £500 and £900. Its cost is highly dependent on the value of the property. The higher the value of the property, the greater will be the cost of the survey. It is because apart from having to spend more time to carry out the survey, the surveyor will have to pay more for insurance in case of any mishaps during the survey.

The following details provide the average level 2 house survey cost in Kidderminster according to the property value:

  • The survey is expected to cost around £500- £600 if your property value ranges from £150,000 to £250,000.
  • For the properties that value between £250,000 and £350,000, the survey will probably cost around £600- £700.
  • If your property value lies between £350,000 and £450,000, you may have to spend around £700 – £800 on the survey.
  • The survey may cost around £800 – £900 for properties that value between £450,000 and £500,000.

Raising the Standards of Surveying

SJH Surveying Services house some of the most recognised and trusted chartered surveyors in Kidderminster. With vast experience and the highest industry standards, we have earned immense respect in the area and have become the primary choice for the level 2 survey in Kidderminster.

If you can’t decide on a specific house, our competent team is one call away from providing you with the highest quality of service to make your decision phase easier for you.

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