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What is A Snagging Report?

Embarking on the journey of homeownership, especially with a brand-new property, is an exciting venture. However, the gleaming exterior of a new build may not always tell the whole story. This is where the importance of property snagging report in kidderminster comes into play. In collaboration with insights from the Homeowners Alliance, SJH Property Surveying Services in Kidderminster sheds light on what snagging is, the significance of snagging lists, and how this process ensures your new home is in mint condition.

What is Snagging?

At its core, a snag is a small defect or problem that persists in your property after the construction work has been completed. These can range from minor cosmetic issues such as scratches on windows to more serious concerns like major cracks or improperly fitted kitchen fixtures.

Understanding Snagging Lists:

A snagging list is a comprehensive inventory of defects within your new home, compiled for your housebuilder to address and rectify. While building regulations inspections and structural warranties exist, they may not cover every minute detail, making a snagging list an indispensable tool for ensuring the overall quality of your property.

Why You Need a Snagging List:

Your housebuilder is responsible for checking and fixing cosmetic defects before you finalize the sale, but it’s unlikely they’ll catch everything. By creating a snagging list, you take control of the process, ensuring that even the minutest issues are identified and resolved.

When to Create a Snagging List:

The ideal time to compile a snagging list is when the property is fully finished and ready for occupancy. While housebuilders may limit pre-completion access, waiting until after you move in can complicate matters. However, you have a two-year window from the completion date to report defects covered under your property’s warranty.

Choosing a Snagging Services Company:

Several companies, including chartered property surveyors in Kidderminster and estate agents, offer snagging services. Consider factors such as customer reviews, prices, and the inspector’s experience in the building trade. Request sample inspection reports and clarify what is included in the service. Meeting the inspector beforehand allows you to discuss concerns and ensure their approach aligns with your expectations.

Costs and Payment:

Typically, homebuyers bear the cost of snagging services, starting from around £250 for a one-bedroom property. Negotiating to include this cost in your purchase contract is an option. Obtain quotes from different companies to ensure a fair price.

How It Works:

The snagging inspection involves a walkthrough of your property by the inspector, either alone or with the housebuilder. The detailed report is shared with you and the housebuilder, facilitating communication and resolution of identified issues.

Advantages of a Snagging Survey:

Professional inspectors often spot more defects than homeowners, and they can liaise with the housebuilder on your behalf. For an additional fee, they may recheck the work and provide support until your new home warranty expires, alleviating the need for direct homeowner involvement.

Handling Defect Disputes:

While housebuilders are obligated to address defects covered by warranties and insurance, disputes may arise due to subjective interpretations. Negotiation is key, and maintaining open communication with your housebuilder can ease the process. If communication breaks down, warranty providers often offer free resolution services.


Investing in a new build home is a significant milestone, and a property snagging report in Kidderminster ensures that your investment aligns with your expectations. SJH Surveying Services in Kidderminster stands ready to guide you through this essential process, providing professional insights to guarantee your new home is truly flawless.

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