Help to buy valuation in Kidderminster

by | Nov 17, 2022

The Help-To-Buy scheme and help to buy has been one of the most revolutionary ideas in the UK to help first-time buyers climb the property ladder. This scheme allows first-time buyers, who are usually young and do not have a lot of capital, to acquire a property by paying just 5% of the total cost, while the rest is paid to the lender within a certain period.

The UK government provides an interest-free equity loan of 20 to 40% depending on the area; the mortgage lender contributes 75%, while the first-time buyer pays the remaining 5%. This scheme has benefited first-time buyers, enabling them to purchase their first property and greatly facilitating their personal development through home ownership. However, to qualify for this scheme, you will need a help to buy valuation in Kidderminster, this report can only be issued by valuers approved by Target under RICS standards.

SJH Surveying Services is qualified by RICS to provide first-time buyers with valuations. Our years of experience and keen knowledge of RICS regulations have made us the preferred choice for clients when launching their scheme applications. With our expert advice, you will not only get an extensive valuation report in Kidderminster, but we will also help you organize all the paperwork for your application.

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