Residential Property Survey

We are the best option whether you need a residential valuation or an RICS home survey! Our prices are tailored to your needs and offer excellent value for money impossible to match by our competitors! Do you want to know what customers think of us? Please take a look at our Trust pilot page! Request your RICS home survey today! Call us on 07703446226 or email us at we are ready to give you top advice and answer your questions.

Residential Property Surveying

Why Choose Us For A Residential Property Survey?

At SJH Surveying Services, we are experts in all kinds of RICS surveys, residential valuations, help-to-buy valuations, and market valuations. Our extensive experience has positioned us as the surveying industry leaders in and around Kidderminster. Our property survey service is based on the combination of state-of-the-art equipment, a keen sense of detail, extensive analysis and essential knowledge of the subject; this allows us to provide a superior quality service at an unparalleled price!

We're The Best Option

Whether you need a residential valuation or an RICS home
survey! Our prices are tailored to your needs and offer excellent value for money impossible to match by our competitors!

Committed To Excellence

Our certified surveyors bring years of experience and in-depth knowledge, ensuring that every survey is conducted to the highest industry standards. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, comprehensive reports, and personalised customer service. By selecting our services, you gain peace of mind knowing that your property assessments are thorough, accurate, and reliable

Top-Tier Accuracy

Our RICS-certified surveyors ensure top-tier accuracy and adherence to industry standards.

Detailed Reports

We deliver detailed and comprehensive reports, giving you clear insights into your property’s condition.

1-2-1 Approach

Our team provides personalised customer service, addressing your specific needs and concerns.

Wealth Of Experience

With years of experience, we offer trusted expertise to help you make informed property decisions.

Knowing A Propery's Actual Value Is Essential For Any Seller Or Buyer

When it comes to the property market, it is essential to know even the smallest detail about your property. The actual price is one of the most critical factors and a must-know. Our residential property valuations will help you know your property’s actual value without any speculation by interested parties. Our residential property valuation service in Kidderminster adheres to the strict RICS quality standards. It ensures you an impartial and expert perspective of the actual value that your property would have in the market. Residential property valuations are very useful and extend to different activities within the UK housing market. Whether you want to buy a property, sell it, rent it, or apply for a mortgage, you will need a residential property valuation report issued by an RICS-
licensed surveyor. SJH Surveying Services residential property valuations are designed to provide an unbiased valuation from the point of view of true experts in the field. We can provide an estimated price for a property through extensive analysis and our keen knowledge of the current property market. According to data published by RICS in the annual report on residential property transactions, 34% of buyers ended up spending up to an additional £24,000 due to price premiums.

Why Do You Need A Residential Property Valuation?

Getting a residential property valuation from an RICS chartered surveyor gives you peace of mind knowing that your property will be appraised by a licensed professional, preventing you from falling for scams or paying inflated prices. In many cases, mortgage lenders require a residential property valuation report from an RICS-certified surveyor to process your mortgage application. Residential property valuations are also mandatory for some legal procedures, such as when dealing with insurance or when applying for the Right to Buy; in the same way, one of these reports is also essential to apply for the Help to Buy scheme.

If you are going to make a residential property transaction, request one of our excellent RICS-certified residential property valuations. We can help you find out the current value of your residential property.

We Offer A Range Of Surveying Services

We offer a range of surveying services to meet all your property needs. From detailed building surveys and homebuyer reports to valuation assessments and condition surveys, our expert team provides comprehensive solutions tailored to your requirements. We offer help to buy valuations helping you gain a greater understanding about the property. With our RICS-certified surveyors, you can trust that each service is delivered with precision, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring you receive the most accurate and reliable information about your property.