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What is a level 2 building survey?

RICS home buyers survey?

RICS level 2 building surveys aim to detect easily visible damage and faults on the property. Damaged property will cost you a lot of money in future repairs. In the worse
case, the damage will be so severe that it will require expensive repairs and even refurbishment of the entire structure, which can easily reach £10,000 or £20,000. The surveyor conducts a detailed inspection of the property to detect the most common faults, such as humidity, subsidence, damage to the facade, or faults so significant that an expert eye quickly detects them. Please note that only properties in reasonable
condition are eligible for an RICS level 2 building survey; if the property has significant damage, you will need to opt for a more extensive option such as the RICS level 3 building survey.

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Why do you need an RICS level 2 building survey?

If you are considering buying a property, you will want to ensure it is worth what you are paying. For this reason, buyers often request a property survey once the seller accepts their offer. Hiring an RICS level 2 building survey will not only give you peace of mind knowing that the property is in good condition, but it will also serve as proof in any dispute you may have with the seller or insurance over repairs. During the RICS level 2 building survey, the surveyor will observe the property’s most significant external and internal aspects. Later a comprehensive report is prepared to describe the most important details such as the state of the structure, walls, ceilings, roofs, floors (only if not covered), windows, doors, pipes, etc. The report will describe in great detail the negative aspects of the property, as well as the damage that requires urgent repair so as not to cause significant problems. The surveyor will limit any other relevant aspect observed during the inspection, always keeping a simple language and free of technical jargon, so the client easily understands the report 

Condition Ratings

The surveyor will give a condition rating to the surveyed property based on the survey results and the property’s general condition. Depending on the property’s overall condition, it will receive a particular rating according to the RICS standards. Ratings can be:

  • Rating 1 — Property is in good condition; no damage requiring repair was observed. Property should only be maintained as usual.
  • Rating 2 — The property presents minor damage. However, none of them requires
    urgent repair. Apart from this, the property should be maintained in the usual way.
  • Rating 3 — The property presents severe damage that requires urgent repairs and
    further investigation. Significant damage is suspected. The property must be
    repaired as soon as possible, or its structural integrity could be seriously
  • NI — The property could not be inspected due to certain conditions, for example,
    roof space blockage or cupboards.

Our RICS level 2 building surveys give you all the relevant information and a comprehensive report on the property’s overall condition. Our prices are significantly better than other surveyors; offering excellent service at the best price is important to us. Schedule your RICS level 2 building survey today!

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